Shake it off!

A natural Way to release and manage stress and tension in your body.

Shaking is one of the oldest medicines on earth. It has been used in rituals and ceremonies by indigenous peoples and tribes the world over. In western cultures we sometimes see people tremoring and shaking after an accident or a shock. This is your body’s way of releasing its response to the shock by rebalancing. When a shock occurs we automatically brace ourselves in preparation to respond to whatever is happening. Part of this is a heightened awareness, like being on alert, a tensing of the diaphragm, and increased blood flow to heart and muscles to respond if needed – and that could be fleeing, fighting or freezing.

Nowadays we live in a very stressful and stress provoking world. We are bombarded by information and news, often with shocking images. Our lives are more complex and we don’t have downtime to balance this fast rate at which we live. As a result our body and mind accumulate the stress and tension and hold on to it, and it builds up. In TRE® we have a natural, non-invasive way to safely release this tension and stress so that we can feel calmer and more present and relaxed.

TRE® was developed by David Berceli PhD in response to his desire to provide help for populations in disaster relief areas and war-torn zones. His experiences and observations coupled with his knowledge as a body worked enabled him to create an easy to learn method for stress and trauma release. What is even more amazing to my mind is that our bodies already know how to do this. All mammals have this ability to shake off the stress response once they are safe.

The benefits of learning and practising TRE® regularly are many and each person can experience different benefits. Some of the most common I have seen in myself and my clients are: increased calm and feeling of relaxation, less aches and pains, especially in the lower and mid back, more energy and focus and less stress.

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