Heal from the past. Transform your life.

QEC combines the power of human connection and the latest neuroscience research to create a powerful tool for transforming your life.

QEC works to free you from past trauma, internal stress, reactivity and the negative effects of long held self-limiting beliefs. With QEC we work with the subconscious to create deep healing and to transform your life. We work with the whole person: mind, body, heart and spirit.


Change your thinking, change your life!

Our past experiences form us. To survive we adapt and try to find ways to make sense of the world around us. From birth, and even in the womb, we are influenced by people and events around us. Unresolved issues and stress are stored in the mind-body. We generate a way of thinking and beliefs about ourself and the world according to our experiences and these beliefs and thinking patterns affect how we experience the world and life.

Discovering QEC with Derryn Snowdon

Be Seen. Be heard. Be understood.

In the first QEC session I work with you to understand what brings you to QEC and to explore what you want to get from our sessions together. We go at your pace. No issue is too small or too big to bring to QEC. We meet weekly for 90 minutes and work with whatever topic or issue you bring on the day, whilst also keeping in mind the bigger picture of your goals and intentions for the QEC work with me.

How many sessions will I need? 

The number of sessions varies from client to client, and it is important to build up trust and connection together before we look at doing any deeper trauma healing work. Our work together is a little like peeling an onion: we go one layer at a time.

What is QEC for?

QEC can be used for stress and burnout, trauma, abuse, self-limiting beliefs, transforming habits, addictions, wellbeing, relationships, self-worth, trust, chronic fatigue and other chronic issues, anxiety and depression, fears and phobias, and many more issues.

How do we work together?

In QEC we can work online so we can work together from anywhere in the world. We connect, meet and work over zoom. In essence QEC is an empowering modality for healing without retraumatising and for expanding awareness and developing a richer sense of self.

What clients are saying …

A Client talking about their QEC experience

I have completely new beliefs and they are embodied. Sometimes I catch my self with words that no longer ring true and I realise this is due to the work we have done in QEC.


Derryn has been such an anchor for me in life, at a time when I really needed one! She has such a relaxing aura of calm. I’m always amazed at the wide range of experience and techniques which she has. I like that each session can be fluid and that she adapts what we learn or discuss based on what I need at that time, or where the conversation takes us. What I learn from her is empowering, uplifting, and really, really useful.

A.D. Birmingham

I am feeling deeply in tune with myself after just one session! The effects are incredibly powerful. I felt held in the relationship with Derryn guiding me. She sees me and I feel safe.

A. J.

The technique and practice of QEC and the compassion of Derryn is so uplifting I feel so much gratitude to be able to work with her. I have done countless therapies over the years working on trauma and other issues and nothing has been as effective as QEC.


The trauma-free experience of QEC makes me excited to work on deeper issues and trauma related patterns. I feel empowered creating new beliefs and I feel I have a positive, healthy connection with Derryn.

Sadly with a lot of professionals in the past I’ve felt like a number on their client list but Derryn makes me feel safe, seen, heard and understood. I’ve never felt so safe in a professional connection.

Her dedication to her work and her compassion and kindness is inspiring. I am eternally grateful. I would recommend QEC to anyone with deep trauma and limiting beliefs.

S.B. Bristol