About Me

Hi, I’m Derryn. I am a lifelong learner and I believe wholeheartedly in natural solutions, whenever possible.

The services I offer originally helped me through key points in my journey over the last decade. All of the therapies I work with I first experienced for myself, so I know how they work and I have first-hand experience getting results with these approaches. My healing journey included issues with limiting beliefs, self-worth issues, chronic stress, overwhelm, emotional issues, acidosis and toxicity, menopause symptoms, pain, sleep issues, and more. 

I have faith in the body’s ability to heal, given the right circumstances, yet I also know that there are times we need conventional medicine and interventions. 

I work alongside my clients, honouring their needs and goals in a person-centred approach. I create a non-judgmental, confidential space for us to work in, and I aim to empower others with better tools and ways of living a happier and healthier life.

As part of my healing journey, I experienced and benefitted from so many different approaches: Transcendental Meditation, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Iridology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Colonic Therapy, Liver Cleanses, Bio-Resonance Therapy; Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Yoga, Mindfulness, Aura Transformation, …

Certain approaches struck a deep chord with me and I decided to train and certify in those so that I could offer them to my clients: Life Coaching, Coach training, Clear Limiting Beliefs, Emotional Competence Techniques (HSE), Body Wisdom, Voice Dialogue, Peace of Mind Therapy, Resonance therapy, Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®) and Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC).

It is important to me that I ‘do my own work’ so that I can best serve my clients. In addition I continue with professional development and supervision, as well as supporting and working with my peers. 

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 .Growing up my family moved a lot around the UK. The moves created challenges and on reflection created stress for me. By my 40s I was suffering from chronic stress and later from overwhelm and burnout. Never being one to give up I began a path to improve my health. When I didn’t find the answers in traditional Western medicine I turned to natural, complementary ways of healing.


My early working years in a nutshell: I love traveling and languages and I taught TEFLA (English as a Foreign Language to Adults) and was a teacher trainer for many years. I worked and lived in Madrid, Istanbul and Bangkok. In between I completed a postgraduate degree in Linguistics. 


During the 90s, I married and settled in Istanbul and had 3 gorgeous sons. As there were no family members living nearby and no playgroups or nurseries either, I decided to set up a small playgroup which I called The Den Playgroup (after my favourite room in my birth family home). I ran The Den Playgroup for 6 years so that each of my sons could have that social, learning environment, and so that I could have a couple of hours to exercise or go for a swim or a jog!



I like to get involved in projects and communities and in 2000 I set up and ran a language programme in a large Turkish-International school for their teachers and staff which I found very rewarding. However the difficulties continued to grow and sadly in 2008 we got divorced.


Chronic stress had taken its toll on my health – psychological, emotional and physical. I found that conventional medicine was not able to help me so I turned to alternative approaches – meditation, acupuncture, and reflexology. I found each helped me feel a little better and grow a little stronger. I had been seeing a psychotherapist and was learning the importance of doing something for myself. So I entered and swam the Bosphorus Inter-Continental Swim 3 years running which was one of my dreams come true!


I’ve learnt a lot about myself in the years since my divorce, and partly from studying to be a life coach in an amazing online, global academy. 

In Dec 2020 I finally got a puppy and I have made more friends since getting her than in the previous 6 years! Plus she has been a source of learning for me – learning more about myself.



I love cooking, theatre, being outdoors, languages, knitting and being creative – especially with Turkish water marbling, called ‘ebru’ in Turkish.



About my logo

Back in 2010-2011 I worked with an amazing brand and logo designer who created for me my 4 hearts logo that held within it the importance of the heart in all my work, and the 4 leafed shamrock as a nod to my Irish heritage, and the Celtic cross at the centre acknowledging my British roots. Since then I have changed the colours a couple of times but I keep the four hearts, as I can see also how my logo also stands for the interconnectedness of our parts – mind, body, heart and spirit coming together to make us whole.

Mind – thinking, reason, logic, …

Body – nature, balance, body wisdom, …

Heart – passion, power, emotions, courage, …

Spirit – intuition, spirituality, connection, flow,…

About other modalities I offer

Whilst TRE®, Resonance therapy and QEC are the modalities I work with mostly the following are tools that I have trained in and qualified to offer. 

Please contact me for more information about the services below:

Clear Beliefs Process

A guided visualisation into and through the ‘imaginal realm’ to shift deep-rooted, self-limiting beliefs.

Voice Dialogue

A gentle way to explore an inner voice of self-talk, to aid with better understanding and self-compassion.


A meditative body-awareness therapy to clear blocked emotions

Emotions can get stuck and can trigger reactions in us that disrupt our lives. I use HSE to help you to gently release the energy of emotions that is affecting you so that you can be free of it and are no longer bothered by it.

Transformational Life Coaching

Feel understood and get to the essence of the issue that is on your mind. Create shifts in your thinking, gain self-awareness and self-knowledge whilst gaining insights for next steps.

At the end of the session with Derryn I just wasn’t bothered by the problem anymore. In fact it wasn’t even a problem. So freeing!


Clear Beliefs Process

I have had several years of therapy but in this voice dialogue session with Derryn I got more insight than ever before.


Voice Dialogue

I released a lifelong feeling of sadness that was impacting my feelings towards a very close friend. Now I am free of those feelings and can remember him with love.


Human Software Engineering (H.S.E.)

My first session with Derryn was just brilliant. Her ability to quickly understand and connect with my situation really surprised me, she really just ‘got me’. Rather than this being the ‘warm up’ session that I thought it would be, I got so much out of the session. It was just what a needed and I now have some techniques to use in my daily life. Thank you Derryn.


Transformation Life Coaching