Quick 7 Life Style Habits for Good Health Quiz

Do You…

  1. Drink enough pure water? Other drinks, many of which can dehydrate us such as coffee and black tea, or contain sweeteners or a lot of natural sugars, may not be so cleansing for you as plain water.
    TRY chopping some cucumber, mint or lemon into a jug of water and drinking it throughout the day. The taste is more interesting than plain water but it has all the benefits of drinking water.
  2. Eat fresh and natural food?, Nature provided foods for us but often we end up choosing refined and processed food, mainly for convenience or cost saving.
    TRY buying whole and fresh foods and preparing them yourself to get fresher foods into your body. Buying in season is a way to choose cheaper foods as they are abundant when in season, and buying local can help the planet, too.
  3. Get exercise daily? Forget about forcing yourself to go to the gym if you don’t like it. Instead choose your favourite way of exercising and getting fit. Move a little more each day – either going up and down stairs more or walking for while talking on the phone to a friend or colleague.
  4. Get a good sleep? Experts recommend we get  7-8 hours a night. The eaiest way to secure that is to count back from when you need to get up and set a new. Earlier bedtime.
    TRY creating a wind down bedtime routine if you don’t already have one, with dimmed lights and gentle stretches or a short breathing practice, before bed.
  5. Recognise your stress, and take action to rest? Too often we override our body’s messages of stress and push on instead. The only problem here is the body will shout louder next time if you don’t listen now. TRY spending a few moments each night reflecting back on your day to see if you were stressed and what you did. Then re-run the event with a different response, in your mind, seeing yourself make a choice to give yourself some downtime to release and relax a little from the stress. Rerunning the event like this helps to uncouple habitual behaviours towards stress.
  6. Eat all food groups and colours of the rainbow? – (except ones you avoid due to allergies/intollerances, religion or ethical/moral reasons) Experts tell us to eat the rainbow – meaning eat a variety and all colours of food. The colours of foods is a reflection of their nutrition. If you find your plate is the same colour at every meal. TRY adding more colourful foods. Ditch the beige foods and add vibrant colourful veggies and fruit.
  7. Develop healthy relationships? We are social beings and the quality of our relationships reflects in our health and well being. TRY talking to a friend, neighbour or family member who you have been meaning to call but keep putting it off. Maintaining good relationships affects our mental state.
  8. Let me know how you get on with these challenges by dropping me a message or an email. Why not give me a call?

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