Feeling Over-Stressed?

What if your body already had a way to release stress? Well, it does!

Our bodies have a natural mechanism for releasing the stress and tension that is held in the body and is ultimately affecting our wellbeing. It takes the form of shaking or tremoring and is natural and your body already knows how to do it. 

However, in our society we have grown to see tremoring or shaking as something that needs to be supressed or as a sign of illness and that there is something wrong. The tremors, shakes, jiggles and wiggles felt and experienced in TRE® are your body’s way of releasing, rebalancing and renewing itself. 

The benefits of learning and practising TRE® are many. They are more than just physical and can be felt in a positive shift in one’s mood, in one’s sleep, in one’s general wellbeing and other parts of self. Among benefits reported by my TRE® clients include anxiety is lessened, sleep is better, headaches are reduced, brain fog decreases, aches and pains lessen often dramatically, they are more in tune with their emotions, and even a heightened spiritual connection. 

So why don’t we know more about TRE® in our society? Like so many new modalities TRE® is becoming more popular and more available. During Covid, as a global community we took TRE® online and so along with many certified TRE® providers I am now also trained in offering TRE® online.

The tension release from doing TRE® is something we innately have as a resource towards good health and wellbeing. What could make it better? Once learnt it is a self-help tool for life!

If this blog has ignited your curiosity to learn more about TRE® and how it can help you, get in touch with me and let’s talk. I have more than 12 years’ experience working online with clients and training groups, I would love to hear from you and help you have your first experience of letting your body shake off tension, stress and trauma. 

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