Changing Perceptions Around Stopping Smoking!

It doesn’t have to be difficult! It really doesn’t.

Yet there are so many expectations around stopping smoking –that it is too hard and that it takes strong and constant will power to achieve, that cigarettes will always be tempting you back and that you will put on weight as you replace one habit with another, that you’ll be grumpy and have a bad cough, and many more!

This was certainly not the case for a recent client of mine who came to me for stop smoking therapy, because he had decided it was time he stopped once and for all. He had tried other ways but they hadn’t worked long term.

There are many reasons a smoker wants to stop smoking, but very often the driver is to improve their health and fitness levels. For others maintaining a relationship may be top: it could be that a partner or family member has been nagging you to stop and finally you have accepted that you need to if you are to keep your relationship healthy. For others of you reading this it may be financial – it can cost close to £500 a month to maintain a smoking habit. In 12 months, at that rate, you will invest £6000 a year. Crazy money when you think about it. Or maybe you don’t think about it.

With Neo-Resonance therapy it can be so much easier to stop. And stop for good!

A recent client came to me for help to stop smoking after more than 50 years smoking and average of 20-30 cigarettes a day. That client is now a non-smoker. 

It took only 2 sessions to clear away those habits of decades! He is very pleased with the results and he told me some of the main changes he has experienced, on top of not smoking anymore and having more money in his bank account:

“My skin feels softer

I feel fitter

Food tastes better

It is exciting to have my taste buds revived!

Coffee tastes stronger

When passing a parked car with a person smoking in it, I could smell it well before I got there, and it was a really unpleasant smell! And to think I must have smelt like that to others!” 

Plus this client has lost weight during the same period and has not had any cough.

So you may be wondering- how does it feel to stop with Neo-Resonance therapy? Most people tell me that the cravings just are not there anymore, which they find intriguing and sometimes a little odd. If there is a memory of the smoking habit then that is all that remains. If a person feels the inkling of a craving coming, they can use two support sprays that I give them which strengthen the therapy effects. They can also come back for a support session to shift any remaining patterns of the old smoking habit, all included in the fee.

I hope this explains and shows you how stopping smoking needn’t be difficult. 

When your reasons to stop outweigh your reasons to continue, please give me a call. Let’s talk, and if you feel ready, I can book you in.

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