7 Easy and Nourishing Self-Care Tools.

Take Away NOW!
Adopt any, or all, of these Simple Life Coaching Tools NOW and feel your life move to a higher level!

Energy Music

Choose your favourite music and play it whenever you feel full of energy. Really let yourself go! Feel the music absorb your energetic mood. Programme that music with the mood of full on energy. Then later when you lack energy but need it, play that music and let the mental programming work for you and bring out energy in you.

Manage Stress with some Quiet Time

Whether it is 5 minutes or 15 minutes we all need some down time in our day. Each day challenge yourself to find 5-15 minutes of down time. Let yourself just BE in the moment and take in everything around you as a silent observer. Don’t try to act, just BE. Allow directing thoughts and emotions to pass through you and be still. After practising this for a week you’ll find the benefits of Quiet Time seeps into your life making you calmer and of clearer mind.

Gratitude Diary

Focusing too much on the negatives in life can obstruct our progress and happiness. Each night write 5 things in your life for which you are grateful. Every night add 5 new things and re-read the previous nights gratitudes. Focus for a few minutes on the gratitudes you have noted.

Self-Motivation Photo

Choose a photo or a picture that inspires you or makes you happy and place it somewhere you will see it each day. Spend a moment to soak up the positive feelings it creates in you each time you look at it. & Smile.

Chip Away Your To-Do list

Each day choose one job that you have been putting off to, and complete.  However small do just ONE A DAY. Day by day, week-by-week, you will work away at your ‘to do’ list. Enjoy crossing done items off and add smiley faces, huge ticks, or any other positive image you like. Reward yourself at the end of each week for having achieved 7 more things that week.


We all need regular contact with the significant people in our lives. Yet some days we hardly have enough time for them. So each day make time (no matter how short) to talk to someone you care about. Put all other issues out of mind for those moments and just BE with that special person in your life. Breath in that special relationship you share and let it nurture you. Keep the communication positive – the only purpose is to rejoice in that special person. Allow all other agendas you may have to take a back seat.

Mindfulness Eating

Eat one meal a day without any distractions, i.e., books, tv, computers, mobile phones, radio, etc. FOCUS all your senses on the smell, taste and texture of the food and enjoy each mouthful! Talking with your fellow diners is free!

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