Creating Changes

Life is all about changes.

Every day we change while things and people change about us. But as we get older changes often seem more difficult to accept and adapt to. Sometimes we can put so much energy into resisting changes that we forget there is an alternative. When we become so focused on continuing in the same vein that we build up obstacles to making changes in our lives even though, deep inside, we know it is the best way forward.

When clients come to work with me they are usually open to considering and exploring changes in their lives though it is not always easy. Talking it through helps enormously to open up feelings and to find doors that lead to the change they want without the fear. You’ve possibly heard said that staying put can be more painful and fear provoking than moving forward and embracing the change.

I personally have found this can be the case even when you know what is happening. I’ve experienced this at various stages of life – in parenting, in work, in relationships and with my weight and health. My tips would be to make some time to get clear about what is happening around the change that faces you. That could be by means of brainstorming pros and cons or by finding someone to talk to about it who will listen quitely and be non-judgemental thus allowing you space to voice all your feelings and thoughts freely.

So now you will probably have a clearer picture of what is going on. After that  explore what you’ll miss out on if you don’t make the changes. This can be really motivating once you see how it is effecting your life and relationships now.

Next you should be ready to take the first steps towards the change you want or need to make. The first steps can be really small ones that are easy yet have some significance. Lots of small steps over a few weeks will get you moving towards your change and before you know it you’ll be half way there! And then all the way there!

No one says that making changes is easy but many people say that staying put is harder. So which do you want to choose?

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