How stressed are you, and how do you know?

Back in 2012 I was researching stress levels in society for an evening workshop I was giving with two other complementary practitioners. I found out that the chronic stress levels of the 1960s and 70s had become the average stress levels in our society! That was 11 years ago so goodness knows where our stress levels have sorn to today.

Back then that really shocked me but on reflection didn’t surprise me. Most of us today are aware of how stressful our modern lifestyles are. We have been living ‘full-on’ for too long and our bodies and nervous systems just can’t cope with such a high level of prolonged stress. It takes its toll on our health and starts to show up in different ways.

Our bodies (and our intuition) try to tell us to take a rest or go to bed earlier, or some other message, in such circumstances. Too often we don’t or can’t pay attention to those messages. Maybe we need to meet a work deadline. Perhaps we are pushing ourselves to achieve a set goal. Sometimes we don’t hear those messages because the ‘go, go, go’ mode is at full volume and drowns them out. Or maybe we haven’t listened to our bodies and have forgotten how to listen to our intuition.

The more we ignore those signals the louder the body shouts. Once the level of pain or exhaustion get to tipping point, we have no choice but to listen and hopefully can change what we do. However then we have a much bigger issue to deal with and fewer resources to work with.

I know how this feels first hand. I had chronic stress for a decade or two and over time it I became more and more stressed and felt the health issues growing and getting more intense. I became so wound up and my body became super stressed and tense. I just didn’t understand what was happening to me. Now almost two decades later and having changed my lifestyle and environment I am far healthier and happier than I was back then. I have also studied a lot, learnt a lot and put much of it into practice in my life. I am also forgiving and gentle with myself when I need it.

Regaining a balance in your life and creating more control over how you live your life is possible. I believe reducing stress is a necessity in order to live better and enjoy life more. My work is all centred around reducing stress and bringing you back to a place of harmony, balance and vitality. If you’d like to know how I can help you do that please get in contact with me to arrange a free call.

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