Combining Creativity, Meditation and your Hobbies.

Does it feel as though you have no time for your hobbies?

Do you wish you could just switch off and relax more often?

Has your NY’s resolution to meditate fallen by the wayside?

Do you feel your life lacks creativity?

Having a hobby or meditation practice is so much more than just some creative time out or a time to try to switch off.

Why not combine the two – meditation and creativity – you can craft some much-needed therapeutic downtime for your mind and body and go into your heart.

My own such practice is Traditional Turkish Water-Marbling, which I learnt when I lived in Istanbul. I find myself drawn to my ‘ebru’, as it is called in Turkish, to step back from the stresses and speed of everyday life. There is a ritual in setting my water marbling. The ritual is part of the stepping back from being on the go, from ‘doing’. It allows me to gently move into a more peaceful state of creativity and relaxation.

Experimenting with the colours and designs is engaging and absorbing. Time flies which is the true sign that I have been engrossed in my beautiful, meditative art. When the light is fading or the materials are running out, I realise I need to finish for the day. Then begins the ritual of tidying away my ‘ebru’ materials. This serves as a gentle way back into my regular life and work. Each stage has become a part of the whole experience. Enjoying my ebru art pieces the next day once they have dried is a lovely reminder and reconnection to the tranquillity of the meditative, creative process of the previous day.

Do you have a meditative, creative hobby? What do you like to do to relax and unwind? Is there something you would like to start? What is holding you back from doing so?

So many arts and crafts are either creative or involve repetitive actions which become meditative as you do them. These help us relax and switch off from work and stress. Knitting is another such pastime I like but I don’t often get pieces finished. I guess it is more about the process for me although it would be nice to have a finished garment again!

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about creating your own meditative, creative practice and how to achieve that working with me. I’d love to hear from you.

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